Tulip art prints Orange Tulips Flowers Sky Clouds
Tulip Flowers art Print Red Yellow Tulips Floral
Lighthouse Bandon Oregon prints Coastal Driftwood
Fall Tree Leaves art prints Colorful Autumn Rocks
Gorgeous Red Yellow Iris Flower Glowing
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This group is for displaying images created primarily with Sony and Minolta DSLR cameras. Of course we will welcome beautiful images taken with any of the other Sony cameras as well. Don’t post every image you ever created with your wonderful camera, just a couple each day that show off your best skills. As for discussions, we would like them to be centered around the images with tips on how to get the most from our chosen equipment. We don't want to hear how another brand would have done something better. Show us how it can be done with the Sony. We will remove any comments that can be construed as bashing. To be honest, We don't really care what brand of camera folks use. Today every brand has an arsenal of very capable cameras. We just happen to own Sony gear.

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