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This group is created for the BIG cats (NO domestic cats and no people). Paintings,drawings and photography of any of the following cats are welome. Bay, Bobcat, Caracal,Cheetah, Chinese Desert, Clouded Leopard, Cougar(Puma,panther,mountain lion), Fishing cat, Golden, Jaguar, Jaguarundi, Kodkod, Leopard, Liger, Lion, Lynx, Marbled, Margay, Ocelot, Pallas, Pampas, Rusty Spotted cat, Sand cat, Serval, Snow Leopard, Tigers and Tigons. There's more but you get the picture, Just as long as they are big and mostly wild, and recognizable.
>>>>PLEASE LIMIT TO TWO (2) IMAGES A DAY, and eventually comment on another's image in the group.
I will accept only TWO images a day from any one artist.
Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful work imagekind artists have to offer. I will be changing the group avatar every few days to spotlight different members work.

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