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The enchanted forest
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Hello and Welcome to the Enchanted Valley, the secret place, where all the legendary horses live still. At the beginning you will be welcoming by the centaurs who are the protectors of the valley, they will explain you all you must know about the Valley. Then you can go on your way. I suppose, that at the back of a grove you will probably see a shy unicorn, don't be to brusque with it (especially if you are a man). Then if you return walking back, after walking a while, by looking up at the sky you will see the marvellous pegasus living on their floating mountain. And if you come along the lake of the valley you will perhaps see aquatic horses like the bäckasät but be cautious they don't must see you, they can be dangerous. And at then end if you are lucky you will perhaps see Sleipnir, the eight footed horse of Odin. I hope you will have a great excursion into this marvellous place! A.Chiron head of the protectors of the Valley

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