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Ornament of Light
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Sacred Geometry of the Universe and the Flower of Life. This figure contains within itself all the characters, science, arts, letters, numbers, runes. It is unique. This figure is known by the pyramids in Egypt and the arts worldwide. The entire universe is built on the principles and proportions of Sacred Geometry. We are created by sacred geometry, animals, birds The universe was created by Sacred Geometry Each painting of Sacred Geometry is drawing from life, can be found and can be seen in life. Leonardo da Vinci painted the Flower of Life. From this figure it is to extract ideas for great discoveries. These paintings carry a lot of positive energy and impact. They help us in our spiritual growth. These mandalas are six, twelve, twenty-four petals are divided into six. Hexagonal, pchenata cell is also sacred geometry.Seemingly very ordinary, but carry a cosmic energies and forces. Simple and unique at the same time, geometry of the universe.

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