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Studies have shown that laughter doesn’t promote tooth decay, cellulite, or an overwhelming urge to slap your significant other. It’s non-taxable, recyclable and sustainable. It won’t lower your IQ, make you go blind, or ruin your shoes. Better yet, anyone and everyone can have as much as they want, whenever, wherever and with whomever they want. Being a bit lazy and pressed for time, I’m hoping you will help bring the funny, the crazy, or the silly to this group, not only because it would be embarrassing if no one showed up, but to promote better health, longer life, and cleaner shoes. The more you all laugh, the happier I'll be, and every week, in a fit of giggles, I'll choose a new avatar to assist in the mass production of helpless, hysterical hooting. So if something you see at IK tickles YOUR funny bone, please invite the artist to the group. Heck, invite yourself. Once you join, of course, there is no escape, because laughter, just like new shoes, really is addictive.

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