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I hope this will be a home for beautiful mandalas of all shapes, colours and sizes. Although the Sanskrit word "mandala" originally just means "disk" or "circle", modern mandalas tend to follow in the footsteps of the brightly coloured circular sand designs made by Buddhist monks, which are destroyed after their completion to represent the temporariness of beauty and of all creations (except, of course, the soul). With the advent of fractals and kaleidoscopic digital software, artists can now create the most amazing and wonderful mandalas, which, since they are not swept away on completion, can be with us for many years of appreciation, offering, as they were always meant to, an inner peace and balance in the viewing and a means of meditation and spiritual serenity, due to the harmony of colour and geometric balance that makes a true mandala. Despite a circle fitting precisely into a square, rectangular artwork of mandala-style design is also welcome in this group.

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